Monday, August 3, 2015

Phrase Of The Day

You got life and bullshit confused.

That was said by a guy I follow on Twitter, Keith B Still.

It was in response to someone saying they were fed up with both Republicans and and Democrats...

"because everything is just back and forth between parties. He said she said bullshit."

Still went on the say that the "white supremacist" GOP would pay you to perpetuate such "false parity."

Still often makes the case that America is based on white supremacy. There's a good case to made for that, and white supremacy is also part of the Marxist critique of Capitalism. Sill is one of a number of Black people on social media who go beyond a strictly civil rights critique of American society, as does Cornel West, as Martin Luther King had begun to do in the last year of his life, before they did away with him -- many people think those two things are connected.

I just came back from taking my trash to the dumpster. I was surrounded by a chorus of what I at first thought was chirping crickets, then tree frogs, then realized was squeaking swamp coolers atop various apartments and from the housing development across the back wall.


  1. As the US slides deeper into economic woes, the middle class, like Sisyphus with the rock, will continue it's slide down the hill to join the poor. If this trend continues, the white middle class might come to equate the two (class-ism and racism) and see the issue in new light that makes it more personal. When it's only 'the other' that are having to live paycheck to paycheck, one can shake their head at 'racism', pronounce themselves as anti-racist, and go home to the roast dinner. When you're feeding top ramen to your kids, it becomes perhaps clearer that it's all connected, and you have, or should have, a bond with your fellow serfs.

  2. We'll soon find out. It's going to be interesting that's for sure.

    Thanks for the comment, Mike.