Monday, August 10, 2015

The Land Of Socialist Resistance

This billboard advertising New Mexico's Obamacare health exchange is visible from I-40 west bound as you approach Rio Grande Boulevard in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque has a Republican mayor. New Mexico has a Republican governor and apparently some subversive Marxist state employees.

Ducati 125

I found this picture on the internet. It's the same or almost the same motorcycle as my first motorcycle. This is supposed  to be a 1963 model and I think mine was a 1966. I saw many of them restored on the internet, but very few this color. Most are red, then blue. It's a four stroke and went about 55 miles per hour.

I happened to think about the  old Ducati when I was looking at pictures of a new Ducati model, an 800 cc Scrambler. Many manufacturers made on/off road bikes in the 60s and 70s and they were often called scramblers. Some were called Enduros. The new Ducati Scrambler, one of the "retro" style bikes that some manufacturers are putting out these days, is set up strictly for the street, but it's so light, 400 pounds, that you could ride it on some trails. It's rare for a big bike to be that light. Most bikes with big engines are 500 pounds or more.

There are actually four models of this new Scrambler and this one looks the most like the original Ducati Scrambler of 40 some years ago. One of them is around $8k, not bad for a bike these days and I'd probably buy one but I've got a retro looking 2000 Moto Guzzi sitting in a storage shed that I haven't had started in five years. It has less that 3,000 miles on it. This situation pretty much boggles my mind and if you don't see any updates to this blog after today it's because I've killed myself.


  1. "...because I've killed myself."

    Oh, crap - don't do that! Where else can I find such interesting political commentary as you write? Besides, think of all the wonderful things you'll miss if you do: the endless, pointless Republican debates, the mad build up to election day, the invasion of the Chinese Red Army on the west coast.

    Wait...those sound more like reasons to leave this world. Forget what I said, but stick around, okay?

    1. Hmm, what is your name, ma'am? We're going to need to have you come down to our office to answer a few questions, fill out a few papers. Bring an overnight bag.
      (sorry bubba....)

    2. A buddy of mine had a Husky 450 in '75 that I damned near killed myself on, convinced me to not ride a bike again.

  2. Miss C, that's funny! Thanks for the comment.

  3. The Husqvarna was not a toy. Maybe a Honda 90 Enduro.

  4. Mike, you do know about the Chinese military build up, right? Financed by WalMart, JC Penney, Sears, Nike, Microsoft, et al? Now they're paying for new rail lines in the neo-Soviet-Union territories, the goal of which is to ransom the west and its allies while bringing the disparate *.stan nations under Chinese control. One thing I learned in my Asian studies class is that the Chinese government has long range, slowing implemented goals of world domination. At the very least, it plans to bring the US to its knees.

    I've been watching what the Chinese government has been doing ever since Nixon played footsies under the banquet table with Mao in 1972. (Sorry, Bubba, for shanghaiing your comment section.)

    1. Uh...slowLY. That should be slowly, not slowing.

      Very glad to see you're still here, Bubba.