Sunday, August 2, 2015

US Militarism Returns To Latin America

US military spending in Latin America, thought by many to be a bygone relic of Cold War, when the US supported bloody dictators all over the region, is on the rise again, as laid out by two South Carolina professors in an article in the academic journal Social Justice Journal.

Again the US military is trying to assert its dominance in the region in furtherance of US economic interests, that is, Neoliberalism, or Reaganomics, and again human rights and the poor are on the blunt end of US policy.

The US has recommissioned the navy's Fourth Fleet, in an attempt to intimidate the 17 Latin American countries that have turned to the Left and elected leaders who are resisting the so called "Washington Consensus." Also known as Neoliberalism, or Reaganomics, it's the policy of shrinking government, lessening regulation, reducing social spending, privatizing all aspects of the economy, selling off government owned assets, and weakening unions.

Also, the US has been increasing military aid to its remaining allies in the region, Columbia, Mexico and Honduras, which are also the countries in the region with the worst human rights records and whose democratically elected leaders are pushing Neoliberal agendas.

Remember that Democrats, including all New Mexico's federal Democratic office holders, are fully on board with these policies. Note their backing of the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty, which is sailing through the legislative process unimpeded after the Democrats staged a charade last month that allowed members to vote against the TPP before it was allowed to pass.

The authors of the article, Ginger Williams and Jenifer Disney, professors at Winthrop University, liken Neoliberalism to colonial policy, calling it Neocolonialism, because besides the features listed above it's an export driven policy that seeks to make a country's exports cheaper through lower wages and devalued currencies.

No Democrat worthy of the name Democrat should be supporting Neoliberalism, and yet these policies are supported by the majority of Democrats, including all of New Mexico's Democrats, all of whom have voted for every one of the austerity budgets of the Obama Administration, that have slashed federal spending in each successive year, all of it coming from social programs as military spending has increased.

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