Monday, September 14, 2015

Refugees From America's Wars

The president has offered to take 10,000 Middle East refugees. Some Democrats in congress are circulating a letter saying we should take 100,000. It points out that little Lebanon, population 4.5 million, has taken one million refugees.

The United States has destroyed the Middle East. We have five wars going on there right now -- Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Syria. The US always tries to get our "allies," or vassals, to sign onto these wars and provide bodies and bullets, but that's just for political cover for our politicians.

It's our doing that the Middle East lies in ruins. We should be hosting every single refugee there is. We should help these people start new lives, back in their homes, and stop destroying them.


  1. What do you mean it is our doing, Bubba? What is there to be gained by stirring political unrest? Is it about oil? Strategic locations for military bases? Do we think we will be able to stop the spread of radicalized terrorism by displacing the populations of these countries, by destroying their homelands? Regarding the last question, it seems to me such motives/actions on our part would only increase the hatred, the desires and efforts to bring about the fall of the US, not deter them - except in the short term, perhaps.

    If our nation is the instigator of the wars in the middle east (and elsewhere), we certainly have a responsibility to assist those in need. How do we do that, with our economy on the ropes, with the job market what it is and the political climate that works to keep things this way? What is the difference between the refugees from the war-torn regions and the economic refugees to the south of us who risk everything to get into this country? Where do we get the funds to help all these people when we can't agree to help our fellow citizens with health care, education, or bring back a strong manufacturing base, with seeking justice, striving to eliminate (or at least reduce) poverty?

    To increase the number of refugees allowed into the country would be an admission of guilt and responsibility and liability, something the current political gangs in DC just cannot allow. If I were a refugee seeking asylum somewhere, knowing what really goes on in this nation, I think I'd want to go anywhere but here. Maybe, though, things aren't any better anywhere else.

    Pointing out our culpability for the plight of the refugees is an important first step. Where do we go from here and how do we light a fire under the rest of our citizens to affect the necessary changes?

    1. Start agitating, is all you can do, I think. Make it harder for business as usual to proceed. Disrupt as many peoples' complacency as you can. Keep learning so you can do it more effectively.

      For example, make the connection between the refugees from the Middle East and the ones from the South you mention. Those also have a lot to do with US policies. Like NAFTA, which allowed US agribusiness to dump cheap corn in Mexico and killed a lot of the small farming down there. That's when immigration from Mexico really picked up. Or various US polices that have destabilized Columbia, and are threatening Venezuela, Bolivia, Honduras, etc. Or US policies implemented through the World Bank and IMF that forced Neoliberal economics onto Central and Latin America and various other continents. Etc., etc.

      David Swanson posted an article today that runs down all the times the US has rejected offers to negotiate peaceful settlements because it just wanted to go to war. Syria, Iraq, Hiroshima, The Spanish American war, Vietnam....;

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading!