Saturday, September 19, 2015


Syria isn't a big campaign issue yet. There are a few veiled references to it but any serious candidate knows they'll be faced with trying to explain what they're trying to do in the Middle East, and the US role there is changing.

Russian President Vladmir Putin talks about Syria - official photo
If you've noticed, the US media is in the process of coming up with a new narrative on Syria, as, faced with viral pictures of dead babies on the beach and European countries' reluctance to accept millions of Syrian refugees, the Obama Administration is abandoning its failed Syria regime change strategy, and seeking help in stemming the Middle East-wide, massive jihadist backlash the Bush-Obama policies have created, from parties the media usually demonizes in its role as US government propagandists -- like Russia, Iran, and the Syrian regime itself.

The easiest way I've found to keep up with things like this is to get a sense of them from the foreign press, which tell varying stories but which are usually stripped of the excuses and doublespeak US media has to use to justify their official government sources' previous propaganda and their own role in promoting it, then read the US media. It makes it easier to see what's being alluded to between the lines. And it's there-- the US media is hinting at the truth, that the Middle East is a big mess of US making.

This update on the Syria situation from independent French journalist Thierry Meysan has been translated into English.

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