Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Debate Analytics

An article in an online magazine Vocativ contains some interesting analysis of last night's debate and the presidential campaign so far, for instance that the two front runners were asked the most questions by far, and blocked their opponents from being asked questions by not mentioning their names. Apparently if a candidate mentioned another candidate's name they had to be given time to respond.

The article has some analysis of what happened on Twitter last night. Many people don't pay much attention to Twitter but I have been lately because a certain segment of the population uses Twitter heavily, and people like politicians, certain power brokers, entertainers and so forth know this and are getting their messages out to that segment via Twitter. The "segment" is basically what sometimes is called the millennials but I think more accurately is the 18-34 demographic, that advertisers love and that is the future.

Bernie Sanders gained many more followers last night than any other candidate (46,000 more versus Hillary's 10,000 more) but fewer than Donald Trump (+70,000) whose running Twitter commentary on current events is widely reported in the media.


  1. At least real issues of importance were discussed. Even democratic socialism European style. I think that a small step forward....:)

    1. Agreed! The negative connotations associated with those words and that kind of government have been falling away so fast I forgot. That is quite a big step, in my view. Thanks for the comment.