Saturday, October 10, 2015

Slanted News

Just for the record, while internet and weekend TV news is being dominated by the turmoil surrounding the speaker position in the Republican controlled US House of Representatives, my local newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal, which is owned by true believer Republicans, at this moment has not one thing about it. Here are screen shots of the web pages for Columns, Editorials and News:

You can look around the paper even more by clicking on links but I find nothing. I looked on the eJournal, too, which shows the pages of the daily print paper but see nothing there, either.

I can understand the embarrassment the editors at the Journal must be feeling over the problems in their party - this is what happens when you identify too closely with a political party. The national media also seems embarrassed and I've noticed many articles promoting Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan as a savior from their discomfort, and portraying him as some kind of statesman. If you're under that illusion just do a Google search for "Ryan budget." This guy sees Ayn Rand as his mentor.

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