Friday, October 30, 2015

The South Side

I don't like it that police, and a growing number of other people, can put one of those "boots" on your car wheel to immobilize you until they get some money out of you or otherwise make you submit to something. It's like letting them judge and convict you without benefit of a trial. It's almost like an arrest. Here at my apartment complex they'll boot your car if you park in a handicap space and you have to pay $75 to get a private company to come out here and take it off.

This photo is apparently going around on Facebook. It was reposted by my conservative Republican brother, who lives in the small rural town in Michigan on the far fringes of the Chicago area where we grew up. The post's original description got reposted with it:

G.m only in the chi on the south side lol

"The chi" is Chicago, and everyone in that area knows that when you say "the south side" you mean where the Black people live. I at first thought there were some racial undertones in my brother's posting, but then I followed the link back to where it was originally posted. It was posted by a Black guy who also posts a lot of Liberal things.

My perception went through several phases. Through all of it, though, I found the picture funny. But why? How does humor work? How do we use cultural markers in humor?

Here are two other pictures, one posted by the conservative Republican brother and one by the Liberal Democratic brother.




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