Monday, November 16, 2015

Why Do They Want To Kill Us? (It ain't religion)

Lydia Wilson interviewed some ISIS fighters for The Nation.

One young Iraqi told her, 

“The Americans came. They took away Saddam, but they also took away our security. I didn’t like Saddam, we were starving then, but at least we didn’t have war. When you came here, the civil war started.”

Most of the mostly young ISIS fighters aren't even that religious, and ISIS doesn't really care.

The article isn't over long. I wished it had been longer. It focuses on one man and summarizes what the rest told her. Wilson somehow got access to ISIS fighters who were in Iraqi government custody and were awaiting trial.


  1. Whatever the reason they fight, their leaders are religious fanatics trying to take the world back to the dark ages for purposes known only to themselves. The fighters may just be cannon fodder for the leaders, but they are still deadly.

    This situation really got bad at the fall of the old Soviet Union, the United States was left with no check internationally. The propensity that the USA has always had for aggression was left with no nation to check it. Our country has always been an aggressive warlike nation. The USA was born of violence and aggression and we have maintained ourselves that way ever since. If there is not a conflict to interfere in we will create one. The examples are many, and we can and will find cannon fodder of our own.

    The need for the euphoric feeling of heroism guarantees the cannon fodder that are the fighters will step to the front.

    The powers that be who require the cannon fodder have very sophisticated methods of inciting their populations so as to have the common folk line up to sacrifice their lives in what they are told is the defense of "their way of life" that is supposedly being threatened.