Thursday, February 18, 2016

Democrats - Party Of Half A Loaf

"The superdelegates are exactly the sort of people that Sanders has positioned his campaign in opposition to -- the aristocrat class of the party, who for decades have offered a half loaf when people like Sanders have demanded a whole one."

This from Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, the inside the beltway official cheerleader of the Democratic Party's imperial wars. The Post has already endorsed Hillary Clinton, standard bearer for those who have changed the Democratic Party from one based in working class Kenseyian Economics to one that promotes Reaganomics and made it a party of Republicans who are liberal on a couple social issues like abortion and gay marriage. Among the half loafers are superdelegates and Clinton supporters Michelle Grisham, Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich and Ben Lujan, all experts at sponsoring legislation that sounds good to voters but does nothing to improve their pocket books. Who see nothing wrong with their votes to cut the federal every single year of the Obama Administration while increasing military spending and starting new wars, while inequality skyrockets, wages fall and the American dream is shipped to foreign countries in empty container ships on their way back to the countries where Americans jobs have gone.

New Mexico's statewide Democrats, also official "aristocrat class" water toters, have for years been offering half a loaf if even that with their legislative agenda of tax cuts and free job training for businesses at taxpayer expense and nothing for the working class, and with their reliable opposition to ethics reform thereby ensuring continuation of a corrupt status quo.


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    1. We do! I got to thinking about your comment one night this week while driving down the interstate and remembered that I sent a donation to Wellstone when he first ran for the senate. I think it's the first political contribution I ever made. I had read about him and his school bus and his liberal policies in The Nation magazine or someplace like that.

      There you go, though. Wellstone is one more difference between Minnesota and the rest of us.