Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Mexico Democrats Favor Corrupt Status Qou

A bill that would have created an ethics commission to oversee New Mexico's corruption laden statewide elected officials died today in a Democratic controlled state Senate committee.

The bill died when its Republican sponsor withdrew it because the Democratic controlled committee made changes to it that rendered it toothless.

If you're looking for reasons for why the majority of New Mexicans don't bother voting, it's because there's no reason to. Republicans and Democrats officeholders are in office to cater to the interests of the ruling class, which they see as aligned with their own. New Mexico politics is a closed club. Ballot access is tightly controlled by the two parties and voter participation is discouraged. New Mexico isn't unique in this.

The majority of New Mexicans, by refusing to have anything to do with New Mexico politics, are making their voices heard loud and clear, and New Mexico politicians, as the Democrats in the senate did today, have again let us know what they think by keeping their hands firmly pressed over their ears.

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