Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Evil Empire

Civilian homes in Sa'da, Yemen  - Amnesty International

Some 400,000 people have been killed in the US proxy war against Yemen, more than half of them civilians, according to Brown University's Watson Institute. There's an article in Salon that provides a rundown of the barbarity being committed against Yemen's civilian population by the US and Saudi Arabia. Doctors Without Borders clinics, hospitals and food warehouses are being intentionally bombed. At least half the population is starving, perhaps as much as 80 percent. Saudi Arabia does most of the actual killing but under US direction and with US arms, including deadly, inhumane cluster bombs made in Tennessee.

The US currently has at least five ongoing wars in the Middle East -- Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya -- several more interventions ongoing in Africa, the Ukraine situation started and funded by the US continues and the US has destabilized Asia with Obama's "Pivot to Asia" and ongoing aggression against China and North Korea.

None of the presidential candidates would significantly alter our imperial, warmongering course; the fulfillment of the Neocon designed plan hatched by old cold warriors upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union to make up for our declining material prosperity by using our bloated military in a reckless and savage attempt to rule the world, and making we the people pay for it with ever declining living standards. 


  1. Ah, so that's why crude oil prices dropped...and I was able to heat my home this winter. The Saudis dropped oil prices, we help them drop bombs.

    I didn't know this. Bubba. I don't like the trade-off. I'd rather be cold.

    1. Spring is on it's way.

      Thanks for the comment! Nice to hear from you again.

  2. Did all that money Wolfowitz promised the Congress come rolling in from our Iraq invasion and its successors. Not! Or maybe it was stashed in the Cato Institute or there dreams.

    1. Good question TB. I haven't heard but a few other people have wondered, because when I start typing "iraq oil" into my search bar it starts listing the ways people have asked the question of where is it going and who's getting the money.

      The short answer seems to be China. What with our shale oil boom, and US producers aversion to the security risks, they have pulled out and China has stepped in.