Thursday, March 31, 2016

God Bless Hypocricy

The richest country in the history of the world -- the United States of America -- can't provide health care to all its people, can't provide a college education to all its people, can't feed all its people and can't house all its people. It can't even teach all its people to read and write. But it wants to tell a country that can do all these things -- Cuba -- how to run its own country.

That's the goal of a new State Department grant, the reasoning for which is:

“Cuban civil society is not formed into well-established organizations that would typically be found in a society with a strong democratic tradition. Through participation in the program, participants will develop a set of leadership tools and skills to manage and grow civil society organizations that will actively support democratic principles in Cuba."

This grant was announced three days after Hypocrite In Chief went down there to deliver a sermon to those people.

People in the US can't stop repeating that their country is "the greatest country on the face of the earth." It's not even close. The sooner we realize that the quicker we can start soberly assessing what's wrong with us and start down the long road toward fixing it.

We're the world's leading warmonger. We start a new war every two or three years and then never stop them. We've slaughtered millions in the past decade and destroyed one country after another. We spend more on military than the rest of the world combined.

We have the most people in prison, by far, even though countries like India and China have four times as many people, and the percentage of US citizens in prisons surpasses everyone else by far.

And no, I'm not leaving. You leave. That might start the healing process. You people with your "love it or leave it" attitude are one of the problems with this country, a minor one but one nonetheless. The main problem, obviously, is Capitalism.

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