Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Oh Winthrop

I almost reconsidered the title of yesterday's blog but then today the University of New Mexico regents made it a little harder for a kid in New Mexico to attend college, by voting to increase tuition and raising some fees.

When adjusted for inflation it costs twice as much to attend college as it did at the advent of the Reagan era, which we are still in. Democrats have bought into it too, mainly under banners like centrism and bipartisanship.

The primary reason colleges and universities are sticking it to students is that the tax burden on the wealthy and corporations has been all but eliminated, and working people are expected to pay for everything in this country. Out of lower wages. This is why state and local governments are always in "crises," too.

They always say they lower taxes on the rich so they'll create jobs. They don't. The money goes into their pockets. Wealth and income inequality is at record levels. For minorities it's even worse. Get your head out of your rear end, Quigley.


  1. I watched this TED Talk a couple of days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKCvf8E7V1g

  2. Yes! I know that talk and the controversy about airing it. You've gotta love Nick. I've been paying attention to him for awhile. Thanks for posting the link and for your other comment which seems to have been hijacked by Capitakists.

  3. I removed the other one because I thought I didn't express myself as well as I could have.

    I started paying attention to how governments use fear and bigotry to manipulate their citizens when I was 15 or so. Only their tools have become more sophisticated, their use of marketing theories and subversion of news outlets to spread their propaganda. However, I don't remember it being so vile as now.

    It isn't easy (nor safe, nowadays) to speak truth to power, but so no necessary. Keep up your good works, Bubba.

    1. I hate typos...What I intended to write in the first sentence of the last paragraph was "...but oh so..."