Monday, April 18, 2016

The Gelded Age

I received an email solicitation this morning from Tom Udall, one of New Mexico's Democratic US senators, with the title "The new Gilded Age."

I got very excited and thought it would say he was going to start doing something about the massive wealth and income inequality that has accrued in the United States since he's been in politics and about which he's done nothing until now: in fact fiscally conservative New Democrats like himself helped it come about.

I don't know where Udall, or whoever he contracts his fundraising out to, came up with that title, but Leftists like myself have been referring to the present time as the new gilded age, because during the last gilded age, from the late 1800s until the Great Depression, widely corrupt, unregulated Capitalism had brought about obscene wealth and income inequality, and it's even worse now.

As you can see from his email, Udall has no intention of doing anything about wealth and income inequality. He's fine with it, and nothing in his record or what he has said or put out there suggests otherwise.

He knows that tinkering with the campaign finance laws will do nothing to alter the current state of affairs. He knows that the corrupt two party system we have now ensures he'll be re-elected and that there will be no consequence to his sending out bait and switch emails like this.

Now, if we had, not the kind of mealy mouth reforms he wants but actual public financing of elections, and if we could somehow get elections out of the control of the seriously corrupt Democratic and Republican parties, we might be able to get Democrats like Udall out of office. Then we the people could end the new gilded age ourselves. But until we get rid of Udall and the rest of the New Democrats New Mexico sends to Washington, it's not going to happen.

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  1. In any case the chances of getting a constitutional amendment passed now is zilch. Actually there were real Progressives & Populists back then.....