Friday, April 29, 2016

Unsavory And Not

The FBI has used a child porn case to massively increase its authority to hack into anyone's computer.

Just like it did when it used the San Bernardino terrorism shooting case to try to make the courts give it access to millions of encrypted cell phones, the FBI chose a case that makes defenders of constitutionally guaranteed privacy rights look like they're defending unsavory characters.

How noble and upstanding our US law enforcement is.

Martin Heinrich - Zilda Williams connection debunked

US senator Ron Wyden, who has been at the forefront of congressional efforts to limit domestic surveillance of US citizens by their own government, says he will introduce legislation to overturn this most recent case of domestic spying. Good luck with that.

At one time NM's Martin Heinrich was usually mentioned in articles about these cases whenever Wyden was, but not for the last few times. Heinrich still posts an occasional press release on his senate web site about matters relating to this issue, but few people read those and he makes no effort to be publicly associated with the issue, from what I've seen.

Just to make sure I hadn't missed anything I went to Google news and searched for "Martin Heinrich domestic spying." The most recent article was from May, 2015. A few articles down the list was a story headlined "The Bachelor's Zilda Williams shows off her new DDs in VERY low-cut leopard print bikini," with photos demonstrating the point form several angles.

Looking closely at the article I noticed a link to another article, about Anna Heinrich, who I see also has appeared on The Bachelor, which appears to be an Australian TV show meant to showcase women with large breasts, but I'd bet money that Anna's not related to Martin in any way.

If you're interested, and I'm not, there are additional angles on the Zilda Williams story here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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