Saturday, May 14, 2016

As Palestine Commemorates The Nakba (May 15)

A "Political Decision" by the International Community

Someone has put together a five minute segment from a talk by Israeli born professor of history Illan Pappé about the violent 1948 formation of Israel when Zionists took over half of Palestine and expelled most of the people living there. Here Pappé talks about how Israel got away with it. Pappé is one of the Israeli "New Historians" who began questioning the story of their country's founding after the Israel government in 1980 began releasing archives from the foundation period. Pappé was eventually hounded from his job at Haifa University in Israel and now teaches in the UK.

If you view this video at Youtube you can find Pappe's longer talk in the list of videos on the right hand side. Pacifica Radio has used this and other of Pappé's talks during their fundraisers and they're informative and fascinating, not least because Pappé is Jewish. Although support for Israel among Jews is said to be gradually eroding, especially among younger Jews, it seems there remains overwhelming cultural pressure among Jews to not criticize Israel publicly despite the fact that Zionism has never been universally supported by worldwide Jewry and in fact may even be a minority viewpoint. Groups like Jewish Voice for Peace are under continual bombardment from supporters of Israel as are authors like former Albuquerque resident Richard Forer, whose excellent book about his transformation from AIPAC member to supporter of Palestinian rights that describes in detail the formation of Israel I've reviewed here.

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