Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day!

International Worker's Day, also called May Day, although it has become known for being celebrated mainly in Communist and Socialist countries, has its roots in the American Labor Movement. That story can be read here. It was originally a commemoration of the 1887 state murder/execution of three Chicago labor activists on trumped up charges, men who were part of a massive working class uprising that gave us the eight hour day, among other achievements.

Alas, in America, as part of Capitalism's reassertion of its dominance over the working class under Democrats, the holiday was moved to September and renamed Labor Day. Echoes of that dominance and submission are witnessed every Labor Day when New Mexico's Democratic politicians issue their annual Labor Day greetings without ever mentioning the world "union." They don't even want their names appearing on the same page with the word "union." It's a sad and disgraceful ritual by people whose very living standard is the result of the struggles of the Labor Movement, and who should know that, and know that America became the world power it did because of the consumer buying power of its working class, as a direct result of the Labor Movement, and unions. Unfortunately to them it's all about them.

The beautiful bright red graphic above was posted on social media today by former Honduran President Manual Mel Zelaya, who after sitting out of politics for several years after the Hillary Clinton engineered coup that removed him from office in 2009, has reentered Honduran politics in a low key way.

In a better world Zelaya, a rich Honduran who as president put his own life at risk to better the lives of working Hondurans, and who is still fighting, would be a role model for our own weak-kneed, self centered, self serving political class.

But happy damn May Day anyway.

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