Saturday, May 21, 2016

Monthly Fireworks Budget

I just saw a graphic on social media that points out what a low income person's budget would look like if they budgeted like the US government does. If they had $100 they'd spend $66 of it on fireworks.

The US of course spends more on its military, close to $1 trillion, than the next eight countries combined, which includes our so-called menacing enemies China and Russia.

You might argue that our massive military budget creates jobs, but we're dropping smart bombs that cost $1 million each from planes that cost $35 million each. Workers get none of that. It goes into rich peoples' bank accounts in Panama. It's not re-invested in the US economy and taxes aren't even paid on it.

Hillary Clinton wants more of this. How dare anyone say I have to vote for her.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump want less of it, but that's not the point. Being moral is the point. Being human is the point. Caring about average Americans, giving one single damn about the innocent people those bombs are landing on means you can't vote for Hillary Clinton.

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