Monday, May 30, 2016

Remembering The War Dead

Six million people have died at the hands of the US war machine since WWII, as America celebrates militarism on Memorial Day.

That figure is a conservative estimate and includes civilians and soldiers, says the Washington Posts's John Tirman, who in a 2012 column wondered why we don't commemorate those war dead or even acknowledge them. He calls it "less oversight than habit." I'd accept that and add that we also have a habit of not considering foreigners as really being people, but then he may be less disgusted by it than I am.

Jeff Bachman, writing in The Hill two years later, acknowledged our lack of memory, too.

"Such callous disregard for the lives of others simply cannot be justified when one considers the unequivocal fact that the United States is by far the most militarily active nation in the world."

He says we've been at war continually in the Middle East since 1980, and during that time every president has initiated some kind of military action there.

And I'd add that to the Bush massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan Obama has added Libya, Syria and Yemen. More hundreds of thousands dead, three more countries destroyed.

So happy Memorial Day, and remember that this continues unabated and with our acquiescence, and please, join me in trying to stop it. Thank you.


  1. A rather broad brush in general as I reflect on my feelings at American resting places near Omaha Beach & Gettysburg. Still your point is well taken from Vietnam to the present.... abysmal & immoral come to mind. And a thanks for your kind comment on my limited writing skills. :)

  2. "In 1993 a study by the Russian Academy of Sciences estimated total Soviet population losses due to the war {World War II} at 26.6 million, including military dead of 8.7 million calculated by the Russian Ministry of Defense. These figures have been accepted by most historians outside of Russia. However the official figure of 8.7 million military dead has been disputed by some Russian historians who believe the number of POW dead and missing is understated. Officials at the Russian Central Defense Ministry Archive (CDMA) maintain that their database lists the names of roughly 14 million dead and missing service personnel. Some critics in Russia put total losses in the war, both civilians and military, at over 40 million."

  3. According to your logic, rapists should be let go because there are murderers, after all. If someone steals a hundred dollars from you, so what? The guy down the street had a thousand stolen. After you point your finger everywhere else, six million people are still dead at our hands. I wish they weren't. Are you trying to say that it doesn't matter, that you're happy about it because some more people died some other way?