Monday, May 2, 2016

Superdelegates Get Stiffed

Bernie Sanders supporters awhile back were complaining that a fundraising scheme under which the Clinton campaign was sharing campaign cash with state parties was why so many "superdelgates" came out in support for Clinton so early. They were getting a lot of campaign cash out of the deal.

It appears, according to Politico, that the Clinton campaign is just keeping the money, and the arrangement now looks more like it was a Clinton money laundering scheme to circumvent campaign finance laws.

I wonder, myself, about something else. Sanders has actually out-raised Clinton by a hefty margin by getting multiple millions of small donations from working people fed up with economic inequality, imperial wars and the rest of what Clinton represents. Perhaps the Clinton campaign, when Sanders was reporting his record contributions while winning state after state, decided to keep the money out of a sense of panic.

The lesson, to me, however, is that if you want campaign cash, promote policies that benefit working people. That's where the money is. New Mexico Democrats, take heed. You do the opposite.

And if you sold your superdelegate vote and your soul for a few pieces of silver but never got them, it serves you right.

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