Tuesday, May 17, 2016

You Tell Me

Martin Heinrich is boasting about getting more border guards -- although immigration has slowed to a trickle because the US economy is so bad.

Michelle Grisham is harping about women not being paid as much as men -- although no one can find a job that pays a living wage.

Ben Lujan is saying Democrats have brought the economy back -- but doesn't mention that it's only for the 1 percent.

Tom Udall is posting pictures of himself wearing a cowboy hat and smiling.

New Mexico Democrats never talk about the raw deal the American people are getting, and they've all pledged their convention votes to Hillary Clinton, who is now the standard bearer of the bipartisan coalition that brought about the current state of affairs, and who promises more of the same.

In private, an elected Democrat will say that their rationale is that the can't talk about certain things if they want to get elected, and that if they aren't elected they can't do anything, so they have to do what's necessary to get elected. It's an endless cycle. They never do anything so they can keep getting re-elected. It's about themselves.

So what are New Mexico Democrats good for?

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