Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Clinton Coasting To Victory

"They're willing to make it a referendum on Trump"

Says Lee Miringoff, director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, about the Hillary Clinton campaign's general election strategy, and indeed, a little over a week ago in San Diego in what was supposed to be a major foreign policy speech Clinton spent most of it attacking Donald Trump for things like his willingness to talk to nuclear armed countries like Russia and North Korea, which Clinton, who is supported by the leading Neocon warmongers, sees as irresponsible.

Libya today
Never mind that this seems like a risky, even foolhardy strategy. It is, in essence, playing defense for the next six months. It allows Trump to set the agenda, and in the article I'm referring to neither Miringoff or Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, are convinced it will work. Trump is Trump. He's a salesman. Clinton isn't.

And think of what it portends for the future of the nation. Professor Miringoff and Clinton's actions are basically telling us that Clinton intends to get around the problem of her sky high disapproval ratings and the fact that most Americans' don't trust her by simply by shifting the focus to Donald Trump. Don't expect her to tell Americans about the wars she has planned or about her plans to continue the Neoliberal economic policies causing the American Middle Class to disappear.

If you ask Clinton about massive wealth and income inequality her answer will be: "Trump."

Ask her about Social Security and Medicare: "Trump."

What about all these mass shootings: "Trump."

Hey Ms Clinton, what about those dead children that keep washing up on the beach in that country you destroyed, Libya.

She'll stare at you for a moment, swallow, then smile and say: "Donald Trump."

And in case you haven't heard.

The headlines have all been about the prostitutes Goldman-Sachs hired to entertain Libyan officials whose sovereign wealth fund the New York investment bankers was handling, but much worse is that Goldman-Sachs was fleecing Libya for hundreds of millions in fees while losing billions for Libya by making bad investments on its behalf, the same investments that torpedoed the US economy at the time.

Don't expect much about this from Hillary Clinton, who has taken hundred of thousands of dollars a shot for brief speeches at Goldman-Sachs meetings and who's best friends with Goldman-Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Clinton has taken hundreds thousand more from Goldman Sachs through the Clinton Foundation.

Lloyd Blankfein - Hillary Clinton

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