Friday, June 24, 2016

Elites Beware

The Brexit vote shows how Donald Trump will win the US presidency, writes James Hohmann this morning in the Washington Post. He contends that the mood is the same in the US as in the UK, where polls couldn't gauge the depth of the anger people feel toward elites. Elites like Hilary Clinton, who, I'll add, along with the rest of the political establishment have sold us down the river for Neoliberalism.

Along with that, because of that, anti immigrant sentiment and isolationism are increasing, Hohmann adds. Here are his reasons for why Trump will win:

1. Resentment of elites
2. Xenophobia
3. Isolationism
4. Flawed polling
5. Complacency

As to complacency, I've written before that Clinton is making a mistake by making the campaign about Donald Trump. She'll be giving voters no reason to vote for her. She's hasn't projected a vision, to speak of, and she's constitutionally incapable of backing the kind of policies that would interest the Sanders supporters she'd need to win. Furthermore, she wants worldwide warfare and voters want none at all.

I'd add that during the primaries Trump was underestimated from the very beginning right up until the minute he destroyed the last of the 16 establishment GOP candidates who started the race with him.

And just think of the thousands of people who won't be blown to bits if Hillary Clinton isn't the commander in chief of the massive US military.


  1. "He contends that the mood is the same in the US as in the UK"

    The demographics are a lot different in the United States than the Uk. Granted that a lot of folks have the same mood but the demographics are a whole lot different here.

  2. As a proud activist in the US anti-war and counter culture revolutions of the '60s and '70s, I glory in the in the fact that I am alive to once again participate and witness an even more global revolution against the tyranny of the elite. The French Revolution II is upon us. The second rising of the Third Reich, thinly disguised as the EU, has been exposed and is beginning to fall thanks to the bravery of the British. Many in the U.K. have seen the signs of a repeat of their own barbaric imperialistic history being turned against them. The "awake" among them now in the realization that they themselves are/were subjects of this new EUmpire.
    And may, in my lifetime, the two ruling parties of the United States now implode to allow the restoration of a true democracy.

  3. If global warming brings ice storms from Kansas north to Minnesota my spouse is moving to Winnipeg. If Hohmann is right I think I'll join her....