Monday, June 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton And The People Who Vote For Her

The real Hillary Clinton hiding behind the politically expedient populist rhetoric is beginning to show its fangs.

As reported by The Intercept, Clinton has been letting it be known that upon being elected she'll immediately forgive multi hundreds of billions in corporate taxes, owed by corporations now hiding their profits offshore, by lowering the tax rate on those profits to five percent, permanently -- which means corporations will start diverting even more of their profits to offshore shell companies in order to qualify for the five percent rate and avoid normal domestic taxes.

The free ride rich people have been getting from Democrats and Republicans under Reaganomics just a got a lot smoother.

As for our tax starved public education system, which has been in decline ever since Democrats and Republicans agreed that Reaganomics would be our official economic policy, well, that's where the little people send their kids to school.  The little people who put conservative Democrats like Hilary Clinton, Martin Heinrich, Michelle Grisham and Tom Udall in office. Conservative Democrats kids don't go to public schools -- those are just for the suckers' kids.

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  1. Is it time for a taxpayers' revolution? What do we dump in the harbors this time?

    Other than our politicians, that is.