Thursday, June 23, 2016

Martin Commonsense Heinrich

Every time Martin Heinrich, one of my two New Mexico Democratic US senators, talks about gun control, which is only when absolutely necessary, he uses the word "comonsense" to describe the controls he approves of. Michelle Grisham, my US representative from New Mexico, does the same thing.

These people have been told by their political consultants to use the word commonsense to characterize what they say about about gun control. The word commonsense is a signal to the National Rifle Association that they don't have anything to fear from this politician. I wonder that it's a keyword that the NRA's computers look for as they troll the internet looking for potential threats to gun sales.

Heinrich and Grisham, two fiscally conservative Democrats, also, if they possibly can, include the words "bipartisan" or "bipartisanship" in every utterance. This is a signal to big business that says, 'I had to run as a Democrat but don't worry about your bottom line. You're free to drive down wages as low as they can go. I'm doing fine, my kids are set for college, so don't worry about paying any taxes.'

Heinrich has been taking heat from important supporters and funders because he's been dragging his heels on gun control as its being demanded by the Democratic Party base following the most recent mass slaughter by a crazed assault rifle toting maniac in Orlando, FL last week. I'm not one of those supporters or funders but I'm on his email list and I just got an email from Heinrich in which he outlines a gun control bill he's just co-sponsored with a Republican, about which he says:

"As a gun owner myself, I know this is a commonsense proposal..."


"...the good news is that I’ve been working across the aisle with Senator Susan Collins to put forward a bipartisan amendment to keep guns out of the wrong hands..."

It would, he writes in his email:

  • Block gun sales to individuals on the No Fly List and Selectee List,
  • Notify the FBI when anyone suspected of terrorism in the past five years tries to purchase a firearm,
  • And, allow for due process appeals for anyone who may wrongly be on these watch lists.

In other words, 99.9 percent of people -- citizen and non citizen, felon and non felon, sane or completely crazy -- can still stop at any gun store or gun show and buy a pickup truck full of guns and ammunition, not to mention the dozens of online gun sale sites where private parties sell registered and unregistered guns. Heinrich's bill just makes it harder for someone with a bomb strapped to their chest to buy a gun that fires more than 900 rounds a minute, and if they do someone should tell the FBI about it.

It's a very bipartisan, very commonsense bill.

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