Monday, June 13, 2016

We're 21st!

Here's a list New Mexico isn't at the bottom of -- posted on Twitter by Sandra Fluke who became famous when she was "slut shamed" by Rush Limbaugh.

According to the study this chart comes from, on a national average US women are paid 79 cents for every dollar men are paid. Michelle Grisham talks about the wage gap a lot but uses a figure of 77 cents for every dollar men make. In New Mexico it's 78 cents.

It's argued that these kinds of figures are misleading because women on average take different kinds of jobs than men do. That's true to some extent but that's often a result of sexism, too.

Equality should be our hallmark. Unfortunately it's not. Empowerment is what we like. Empowerment and equality are two different things.

Identity Politics tend to be about empowerment, rearranging places on a hierarchy. That is, the way we do things now, if women got more higher paying jobs it just means men would have more lower paying jobs. Identity Politics don't address the fact of the hierarchy or strive to create a world where you don't need power to get what you need, a world of equality.

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