Friday, July 1, 2016

A Victory For Workers

Delivering a good pistol whipping to New Mexico's ranchers and farmers the state supreme court said Thursday a state law exempting them from providing Workman's Compensation insurance to their employees is unconstitutional.

US law requires employers with two or more employees to provide workman's comp insurance. It only costs something like $7 or $8 a week per employee, but New Mexico's legislature had exempted ranchers, farmers and dairy owners from the law.

Lawyers for the defendants said the financial burden would be too severe for the ranchers, farmers and dairy owners, who are already required to ride around in $50,000 pickup trucks and wear $200 cowboy hats.

The case that came before the court was two cases that were combined; one filed by Noe Rodriguez against Brand West Dairy and one by Maria Angelica Aguirre, who broke her wrist while picking chili for M.A. & Sons Chili Products at $300 per week.

I couldn't find pictures of either woman, but here's a picture of Angelica Maria, the famous Mexican singer and actress and the only person ever to have sold out New York City's Madison Square Garden twice in one day.

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