Thursday, July 7, 2016

Albuquerque Native And Socialist Gloria La Riva Makes New Mexico Ballot In Presidential Bid

Long time civil rights and union activist and Albuquerque native Gloria La Riva will be on the ballot in New Mexico running for president under the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) ticket, according to the PSL.

Gloria La Riva - PSL photo
PSL members collected three times the number of signatures needed to get La Riva and her running mate Eugene Puryear on the ballot and learned they'd been successful June 30. I'm on the PSL mailing list and got an email about it today.

La Riva was born in Albuquerque in 1954, left to attend Brandeis University and now lives in San Francisco where she's the president of her printer's union. I've heard her being interviewed many times, on Pacifica radio programs, including their nearly mainstream program, Democracy Now, and on the PSL podcast, on matters like Cuba, anti war efforts and issues in general. She's very smart and knows the issues well. I also hear a lot from La Riva's husband, Brian Becker, a leading PSL figure who has a radio show in Washington, DC.

The PSL is one of the remnants of the US Communist Party. It came about as a split in the Worker's World Party, which had earlier split off from the Communist Party USA. The PSL has many small branches around the country, populated, usually, by mostly young people, and it may be the least doctrinaire of the communist parties in the US, espousing both socialist and social democratic positions and involving itself in alliances with other non socialist and non communist groups through advocacy efforts and things like the ANSWER Coalition. When there's any kind of a protest in Albuquerque, PSL members are usually involved in organizing and attending it.

You may recall that the 2012 PSL presidential candidate Peta Lindsay got coverage by some of the local media when she campaigned in Albuquerque. I don't see immediately on the internet how many states the PSL has qualified for this election cycle and New Mexico may be the first. I seem to recall that Lindsay made it on the ballot in a dozen or so states in 2012 and received some notoriety, including making the Jezebel 25: Kick-Ass and Amazing Women We Love, a kind of activist babe photo shoot by Jezebel, one of the leading feminist magazines. That's Lindsay seated on the left. Seated on the right you might recognize Sandra Fluke, the feminist reproductive rights activist and attorney who spoke at the 2012 Democratic National Convention after being made famous by being called a slut on the air by Rush Limbaugh. Photoshoot here and here.

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