Saturday, July 2, 2016

Brexit Is Good

(Updated below - 7/2/16 11:45 p.m. Mountain Time)

Now that everyone's 401k accounts have regained their previous values and the price of oil is on the rise again, voices applauding the United Kingdom's decision to  leave the European Union are being heard amidst the panicked accusations of racism and stupidity that have flooded the media since the historic vote.

Margaret Kimberly in Black Agenda Report details how the European Union is a Capitalist and Imperalist project that was central to the 2014 coup in Ukraine and the raping and pillage of the European working class in countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland. She writes:

"The post-referendum recrimination and political chaos benefit humanity. The latest trade deal monstrosity, the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), is on hold for now and NATO provocations against Russia will take a back seat. Millions of people will get a respite from American meddling in their lives."


"While David Cameron and Barack Obama and the New York Times and the BBC all sneered at anyone who thought of leaving, ordinary citizens kept their own counsel. They watched as EU rules precluded deficit spending and created an austerity hell for the British people. Under American pressure the EU expanded its membership to include poorer countries whose people then had a right to immigrate to more prosperous countries like the UK. This race to the bottom for workers was not just the concern of xenophobes and racists but of people whose living wage jobs disappear."


"The media reaction to the vote is proof of how much the establishment want to stay within the bounds of the neo-liberal project. Voters who chose the Brexit route have been labeled as stupid, and we are told that 17 million people didn’t know what they were doing. Every instance of hate speech and hate crime is now blamed on the Brexit vote, as if there was an absence of racism and intolerance before."

In the same publication Glen Ford chastises "house negroes" all over the world for rushing to the aid of their former masters.

Those African Americans aren't convinced the Brexit vote was propelled by xenophobia and the immigration fears of dumb white Englanders, nor is a Greek immigrant to the United States and Phd candidate at the University of Texas writing in the Muslim owned Mint Press News, Michael Nevradakis, who says the Brexit vote "has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia":

"It was one year ago when “leftist” activists across Europe and around the world declared that the European Union had effectively staged a coup in Greece, blackmailing the Mediterranean country into accepting harsh austerity measures after it had already rejected a referendum against more austerity. Yet these same activists are now decrying the British referendum result in favor of a “Brexit.” I sense some hypocrisy here.
British voters bravely rejected a profoundly undemocratic, neoliberal EU, which is perceived as placing the interests of the financial elite ahead of the needs of ordinary citizens. Indeed, despite the claims of international media and numerous “intellectuals,” the British referendum result has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia."
Nevradakis, who describes the EU as "an arm of a corporate, imperialist empire" goes on to detail how vastly undemocratic the EU is and how it has ignored the wishes of voters in country after country while pushing the interests of the Capitalist elite.  

Update: I came across this article in Russia Insider that has excerpts from declassified US State Department  documents showing CIA involvement in the early stages of the formation of the European Union, which you may be aware evolved out of earlier phases of European integration such as the Common Market. The author ties that in with current US government support for the Remain camp. Russia Insider borders on pro Russia propaganda at times but is an independent business venture as far as I can tell and the state department documents part comes from The Telegraph, a mainstream UK media, and the quotes attributed to John Kerry, current secretary of the US State Department, are actual quotes.


  1. Hunh! Could we have a referendum for removing capitalists from control here in the States?

    We'd have to put up with being demonized by the press and the monied elite, but I think I could live with that.

    Or, is there more to it than that?

    1. Brilliant idea!

      I guess in some ways the Sanders campaign was a referendum on Capitalism. It demonstrated some things along those lines - not only that it might be possible to win an election with an anti Capitalist message but, maybe, that the political system has some potential for bringing about change, at least in the reformist sense. I suppose some people are looking at his preponderance of support among the youth and trying to project that out into the future.

      Thanks for the comment Ms C. By the way I haven't forgotten your questions about why revolution is necessary, etc. Also I'm adding a link to another article about Brexit to this post.