Sunday, July 10, 2016

Conspiracies In Dallas

Was Micah Johnson, the man who Dallas police executed with a bomb delivered by a robot, just the fall guy?

Tonight I read the first article I've seen that questions the official version of the shootings of five police in Dallas on Thursday and was glad to see it because I've had my doubts about what happened. It's always suspicious when the only suspect is executed before any investigation is conducted, and aside from a general distrust of people in general and government officials in particular, the first notification I received on my iPhone from The Guardian Thursday night said there were two or three snipers, as I recall it now.

That notification is still on my iPhone and doesn't mention any snipers, although what it says could have been altered -- I just don't know one way or the other. But it now links now to a later article than it originally did -- one from the next morning -- but that morning after story still quotes the Dallas police chief as saying, during his first press conference, that there were two snipers. Some of the Twitter activity from that night talked about multiple shooters, too.

First reports are often confused, but there's already a Wikipedia article about the shootings and it can be read as being a bit confused also. It says there was one shooter, but that he fired from several different floors of a building, and also that he was a ground level. It also makes the strange, to me, assertion that he lured police to his position by firing many rounds randomly. Says who?

I've saved copies of the Wikipedia article and the Guardian article in case they change. Wikipedia articles usually do. They are a process. Media articles often don't change. There's no reason to change them because too many people already have copies. They are sometimes corrected but that's made clear, usually.

I generally suspect conspiracy theories, not because I think government and the media are honest or good but because I believe people generally are too inept to pull off complex conspiracies. I'm lucky to make it out of the house without making at least one trip back to get something I forgot.

I like conspiracy theories, though, for a couple of reasons. One is that they are fascinating stories. Another is that they show that people aren't afraid to question things.

And it's best, after all, to be skeptical about what you read in the papers, as they say. These latest shootings took place in Dallas, where in 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald was quite possibly made the fall guy for the assassination of John F Kennedy by one or another group of Kennedy enemies. Filmmaker Oliver Stone, who made a movie about the JFK assassination that develops the theory that the CIA did it, now thinks it was probably organized by Lyndon B Johnson, because he had the most to gain by Kennedy's death and he reportedly hated the Kennedy brothers and because it happened in LBJ's back yard.

I like this latest version of the workings of Stone's active and complicated mind because I know Texas politics is not gentile nor is Texas law enforcement. I saw that first hand when I was young reporter in Texarkana, where, for example, I'm pretty sure that at least once I sat across a desk from a police investigator who had murdered someone.

All you can say for sure is that the official Warren Commission investigation into the JFK assassination has been harshly criticized since its release, just like the official investigation into 9/11, and that much of the criticism comes from both having limits placed on them, for various reasons, by various interested parties.

San Ygnacio Road update

One reason I finally got around to buying a house is that I was tired of paying not just rent but rent on two storage units, one for a fairly cherry 1990 Chevy pickup I wanted to keep and one for my Moto Guzzi, and I got both of them home this weekend.

The pickup hadn't been started since 2009 so I had it towed. A nice young man who works out of one of the tire places on Bridge Boulevard and owns his own tow truck brought it down from Moriarty yesterday and set it right down in the carport. We had had burgers at the Moriarty Lotta Burger because he used to eat there when he was helping put a roof on Moriarty high school.

Today I loaded the Guzzi in the back of my little S-10 using a 2x10 as a ramp. It hasn't been running in years, either, and I need to do some work on them both before I try starting them. I tried several ways to get the bike, which weighs around 500 pounds, up that ramp but in the end was able to just get it rolling and coast it up because the storage unit I had it in on Central is on the slope, being just above Unser where the grade starts to get steeper. I got it into the kitchen through the back door on the same plank and that was much easier because it was pretty much level from the pickup bed to the kitchen door.

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