Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Democrats Make History, Nominate First Candidate Under FBI Investigation

It's a corrupt party, corrupted by big money and an uncontrolled lust for warmongering. It ran a rigged primary. Why not nominate a corrupt woman disliked by most of its own members?

"Her image has never been worse," states the Washington Post's Aaron Black, in running down Clinton's "brutal poll numbers" that are now even worse than her Republican opponent's terrible approval ratings.

What does this say about America? What does it say about the Democratic Party that nearly all elected Democrats, including all New Mexico's federal delegation, came out in support of this Neoliberal darling of the Neocons (in exchange for promises of campaign cash we learned later) even before they knew who else was going to run for president?

We are an irrational people. People are being called "stupid" for not wanting to vote for Hillary Clinton, who helped make the Democratic Party the party of Wall Street and convinced it to abandon working Americans.

The mother in Syria who was fleeing Clinton's war and saw her dead child wash up on a beach, the father in Libya who saw his child die while he tried to put its guts back into its belly after it got bombed by the warplanes Clinton sent, they don't see how it's "stupid" to not want this woman in direct control of the US military.

The hundreds of thousands of people who have been killed by the multiple wars she voted for and then started herself may not even know that Clinton is one of the biggest cheerleaders for war America has, or that she's been a central figure in unnecessarily, stupidly, for no good reason ramping up tensions with nuclear armed Russia and China, who don't have 800 military bases spanning the globe and aren't engaged in multiple wars, but they don't think it's "stupid" that many people prefer a candidate who says he won't do to them what has been done to them by Hillary Clinton, who promises even on her campaign web site to do more of of it.

Americans don't seem to think very clearly when they get swept up in the media hype about politics. We certainly don't think about the consequences of our actions, the dead people over there, the people having trouble getting by over here. We are an irrational people, and at the Democratic Party convention in Philadelphia today we just did something very irrational. We nominated Hillary Clinton for president.

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  1. "The worse, the better"(Чем хуже, тем лучше) Nikolay Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky (1828~1889)