Monday, July 18, 2016

Direct Democracy

The conservative Albuquerque Journal actually posted a guest column today by someone promoting direct democracy: let the people decide things and do away with politicians, we have the technology now, argues Robert Wright, who is described as an Albuquerque resident.

What Wright is postulating is essentially what Anarchists want. Power would be decentralized, spread among the people.

The term Anarchism unfortunately has picked up other, negative connotations, partly because of the other meaning that term has come to have but partly because it's considered a Leftist ideology, but it has a long and respected tradition as a philosophy and ideology. It shares many characteristics with Libertarian philosophy, which also has somewhat of a credibility problem, but much of that, I think, is that it's become associated with conservatism and the Republican party. Anarchists and libertarians actually have much in common. Both recognize that our current system of elected representatives, and the concept of the nation-state that precedes it, are designed to protect monied and landed interests -- rich people, in short.

Wright has thought out a lot of the ramifications and implications of such a system and admits he hasn't thought of everything. Such as, I'll toss in, the ability of some one or some group to demagogue such a system, but our current system can be abused that way, too.

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