Friday, July 22, 2016

#DNCLeaks Confirm A Rigged Process

Update 7/23/16 9:20 p.m. - some lurid details have emerged, such as plotting at the DNC to use Bernie Sanders' "potential atheism" to undercut his chances against Hillary Clinton. In another email Debbie Schultz, DNC chair, calls Sanders an "ASS" for not dropping out of the race. The hash tag #BernieMustDisavow has been trending on Twitter all day with comments like this:

A trove of 20,000 Democratic Party emails released today by Wikileaks confirms what Bernie Sanders supporters complained about throughout the primaries -- the Democratic National Committee chaired by Hillary Clinton supporter Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigged the primaries in Clinton's favor. This is the overwhelming consensus on Twitter, anyway, and there's a lot to it.

First, though, interestingly, the hash tag #DNCLeaks, which had almost immediately shot to the top of Twitter's "trending" list, soon disappeared altogether. Now, it 's not even possible to type that hash tag into the Twitter search bar -- if you try, it "auto corrects" to #dncleaks bernie, which means anyone looking for tweets about the leaked emails won't find very many, therefore they'll no longer be widely circulated. Strange.

I say there's a "lot to it." Much of what people are finding in the emails so far is circumstantial and concerns smaller matters like the pettiness of Schultz and her staff. Even without the leaks, though, official, conservative Democratic Partydom was hardly secretive of its efforts to install the conservative neocon Clinton as the nominee over the heads of the mere citizens and without going through the messy process of democracy. One example is that the debates were limited to a few and scheduled on weekends and opposite things like sporting events, which dovetails with the conventional wisdom that the more people know about Clinton the less they like her.

Another is that elected Democrats, most of whom are also "superdelegates" like New Mexico's Martin Heinrich and Michelle Grisham, endorsed Clinton long before the primaries began. As it happened, this was more than an effort by elites to circumvent the democratic process and decide what's best for the common people. Those early endorsements turned out to be in return for cash and were part of a Clinton/DNC scheme by which state politicians were promised campaign donations in return for the endorsements.

Ironically, when Sanders began to give Clinton a serious battle for the nomination, the Clinton campaign ended up not coming through with the money. Which might be why Heinrich, Tom Udall, Ben Lujan and Grisham are sending out a flurry of email donation solicitations that talk about nothing but Donald Trump -- I get two per day sometimes from Heinrich.

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