Thursday, July 7, 2016

Forget Trump And Brexit

Watching the American and European media and political elites ongoing fretting over the loss of their grip on an increasingly angry populace (Google "excess democracy") would invoke a sense of glee, were it not for the fact that at the same time, almost unnoticed, they're escalating tensions with nuclear armed superpowers around the globe and propelling us into a new Cold War.

It's almost drowned out by constant braying and wailing about Trump and Brexit but there's been a steady drum beat of ominous developments -- large troop buildups on Russia's borders, massive naval exercises in the Baltic, the "pivot to Asia" by which the US is trying to neuter China both militarily, with large redeployments of US forces and by arming allies in the region, and economically, with trade agreements with its regional neighbors, ongoing bellicose rhetoric from members of that elite including from people like Hillary Clinton. There was the US provocation in Ukraine, the ever eastward expansion of NATO and the resulting deployment of more and more missiles on Russia's borders, US provocations against China in the South China Sea.

Taken as a whole these developments are much more significant than who wins the next presidential election and Americans are barely paying attention.


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