Saturday, July 23, 2016

Governor Martinez endorses Donald Trump from a balcony at the El Dorado Hotel

Actually I was only wishing this was Susana Martinez. It's is a Los Alamos, NM eye doctor but listen to a few seconds, especially around 2:30 where she starts getting wound up about Hillary Clinton, and imagine the governor at a staff meeting ordering her cabinet heads to get New Mexico's last in the nation economy moving. This is a well spoken and forceful woman and the only one I can think of who can be angry, smile and gesticulate all at the same time. She's quite remarkable but one has to wonder; is she just idiosyncratic or is everyone like this in a town where atomic bombs are made.

Note: For those unfamiliar with our governor she was busted last winter for throwing beer bottles off a hotel room balcony during a drunken Christmas party at a hotel on Santa Fe's historic old world plaza and has until now declined to endorse Donald Trump.

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