Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Nationalism Day

When people, if they happen to remember to, reflect on the notion that the country they happen to have been born in just happens to be the greatest country on earth.

Why not celebrate by going to Twitter and and reading the back and forth under a hash tag called #AmericaNeverWasGreat. There are a lot of liberal people and a lot of conservative people on Twitter and the idea that people can actually consider the notion that America never was great really brings out conservatives' patriotism, if by patriotism you mean vile, seething hatred of liberals, and gays and commies and Blacks.

The topic, or hash tag, is "trending" now, meaning lots of people are tweeting, or posting about it, maybe because it's Nationalism Day and people are pissed off about displays of nationalism they're seeing, but it's been on Twitter for awhile and apparently was a reaction to Donald Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again."

Meanwhile, I saved this from somewhere on social media awhile ago:


  1. Off topic but pertinent....what does the sticker on the semi truck heading away in the picture on the front page of the weblog say? It has been eating at me for a long time.

    1. Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. Jim Baca is on the board and I wanted to see if he'd respond to my putting it on there. So far he hasn't. I might have to change it to Make America Great Again.

  2. RE Brexit - I do think the Common Market (originally the Coal and Steel Community featuring mainly France and West Germany) was a wonderful idea. Enough World Wars and otherconflict in Europe people hoped. Then it grew beyond trade and lost it focus. Too bad perhaps...