Sunday, July 24, 2016

Leaked Email Story Eludes Establishment's Control

(Update: 4 p.m. - Schultz thrown overboard to save weight as Clinton ship sinks and Trump pulls ahead in some key swing states.)

The leaked DNC email story has overnight become the top topic at Google News, which means it has the most news outlets posting stories about it. I posted about the emails Friday and have since updated that post.

The media, eager to install establishment approved Hillary Clinton as president over Donald Trump, who doesn't have ruling class approval, had been playing down the email story but was forced to cover it when Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Schultz decided not to not speak at this week's convention in an attempt to prevent a revolt of Bernie Sanders supporters, who are very aware of the email story and have caused it to trend on social media repeatedly despite efforts by social media gatekeepers to remove the email story from circulation. Schultz, like most elected Democrats, including all of New Mexico's, openly supports the conservative Clinton and rigged the primary election to favor Clinton over Sanders, the upstart liberal.

The situation in the US parallels almost exactly what's happening in the United Kingdom where the conservative Labour Party establishment is trying to unseat the peoples' choice for leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour Party and the Democratic Party have for years furthered economic policies that go directly against the interests of their bases, and promoted never ending warmongering, and the people they depend on for votes finally got fed up with it and are in revolt.

Note: My local paper this morning, its lead story obviously filed before the leaked DNC email story got out of control, paints a picture of Democratic Party unity and doesn't even mention leaked emails.

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