Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Palestinian Genocide - Full Speed Ahead

Khalek here describes how during the Democratic Party platform process, proposals that the platform should call for an end to of the occupation of Palestine by Israel were repeatedly voted down by Clinton delegates, who emitted "“the loudest boos of the day,” according to CNN."

Clinton, in keeping with foreign policy positions that have drawn her the support of leading Republican Neocons, is probably the most pro Israel candidate ever.

Palestine, America's endless wars, the bloated military industrial complex that sucks resources away from Americans' dire needs at home, not to mention that the policies of low taxation on corporations and the wealthy that will ensure the bankruptcy of American schools and social needs, will continue.

Polls indicate that no working class constituency wants more war, but at least one party's platform and policies should reflect that. It's hard to see how you can vote for Hillary Clinton or any Democrat who supports her and her war mongering, take from the poor and give to the rich policies, and be for humanity.


  1. I saw the reports of the Democratic Party Platform Committee rejecting the Palestinian "settlement" change. It is sad but predictable.

    AIPAC does one hell of a job intimidating politicians of both parties. AIPAC plus the right wing religious folk work together, AIPC intimidates politicians and the religious right uses the pulpit on it's members. The majority of the voting public seems unable to connect the dots about the problems in the Middle East being connected to Israel's continuing to appropriating the property and homes of Palestinians and the West's financing and support of those efforts.

    The "terror" will not stop as long as this situation exists. The Muslims are even more adept at inciting their adherents than are the Christians. The religious followers do not understand the perpetual violence that the situation creates.

    As long as religious folk follow like sheep, this will continue. That is the situation for the foreseeable future, until a politician comes along who will be able to articulate the problem, win the election and have the fortitude to stop this support of Israel's inhuman policies.

    A funny thing to me is that Israeli's seen unable to see how these policies resemble what the Nazis did to them a while back