Sunday, July 10, 2016

The New Deal In New Mexico

The Albuquerque Journal today has a nice article about the National Park Service administration building in Santa Fe that was built with local labor under the Civilian Conservation Corps, one of the great New Deal programs that lifted the country out of the Great Depression during the Franklin W Roosevelt Administration and left behind a lot of remarkable art and architecture.

"Old Santa Fe Trail Building" - National Park Service
Also, the article refers to a web site called the Living New Deal, a project at the University of California-Berkely that began as a volunteer student effort to document New Deal sites in California but has expanded to map them across the entire country. This is a great web site not just because it documents the New Deal but to look around and try out its features.

Interestingly, as the site's history of itself states, the Living New Deal project's expansion was aided by "a bequest of Ann Baumann of New Mexico."

Baumann is the daughter of German born artist Gustave Baumann, who coordinated the New Deal's art funding projects, and who got off the train in Santa Fe one day in 1918 and stayed for 50 years until his death in 1971. Ann Baumann  was born in Santa Fe and is remembered for her long time support of the arts in New Mexico.

If you get into the Living New Deal's New Mexico section, which has 233 sites listed, it has a couple of articles about the National Park Service administration building, and photos, one of which I posted above.

New Mexico Democrats would do well to find out what the New Deal was and to study up on it. They seem to believe what Republicans have told them and think old buildings got there because someone gave a businessman a tax cut.

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