Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Truckers Want Trump

At least those readers of Overdrive Magazine's online version who responded to an online poll. I can't say with much precision how representative Overdrive's readers are of the trucking industry. The demographics of trucking are changing from what I see during my nightly run between Albuquerque and Holbrook. Southerners once dominated trucking. They made up am inordinate share of the drivers and set the tone for the culture. Think of all those truck driving country music songs and movies. Then came Rush Limbaugh, Clear Channel and the conservative domination of talk radio and eventually the TVs in truck stop restaurants were almost all tuned to Fox News.

But on I-40 in New Mexico and Arizona I see a lot of Asians, Indians, i.e. of India, especially Sikhs, and eastern Europeans -- Russians, Romanians and so forth. It might be a different story in the country overall. I just can't say now since I'm not around the country these days. A lot of the drivers I see are on their way to and from the West Coast, mostly California, and some drivers have stopped going to California because you have to own a newer truck that meets that state's stricter emissions regulations, and it appears to me that these other ethnicity are picking up the slack. A lot of the independents owner-operators and small companies are Asians and you're starting to see mid sized companies out there that have Indian sounding names, as in from India.

As for why truck drivers want Trump, the comment section under the article provides a few clues before it becomes, like most comment sections at truck drivers online magazines do, a President Obama critiquing contest.

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