Monday, August 22, 2016

Born In Revolution

Radical civil rights lawyer John Whitehead has an article out called "There Will Be No 2nd American Revolution - An Armed Revolt Will Be Futile and the Government Wants It" which was reprinted today at The Free Thought Project.

In it he recounts how the national security state has become increasingly pervasive, and it has.

He says the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security have both drawn up plans for how to deal with massive civil disobedience and insurrection by the American people, and they have.

Whitehead says the government is so well armed that any kind of armed struggle by the people would be futile.

Almost no one who commented on the article agrees with him.

I'm sure many, if not most Americans agree with Whitehead. They'd say they'd never consider taking part in an insurrection against the government. That's what people always have always said. The government, the king, the feudal master, seem so powerful and omniscient that the average person can't conceive of massive resistance, until the moment they rise up.

Revolution is in our blood. We were born in revolution.

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