Monday, August 22, 2016


Another garbage scow full of emails Hillary didn't hand over to the FBI has been dumped on the public showing that rich foreigners and Gulf oil states paid between $50k and $10 million into the giant Clinton Foundation slush fund to gain expedited access to then secretary of state Clinton, and the topic #HillaryEmails is trending on Twitter.

What's worse is what's not being reported. China has now entered the Syrian Middle East war the US started under Hillary's urging, joining Russia and Iran in an anti US alliance, which also now includes former ally Turkey which the US recently alienated by backing a failed coup against President Edrogan.

China's action is in response to the US economic and military encirclement  of China under the Obama so-called Pivot to Asia, which includes arming Autralia, the Phillipines and other of China's neighbors, and the US South China Sea provocations against China, and the TPP trade treaty with China's neighbors

Hillary has promised to escalate things in the Middle East, and remember that she's one of the main Neocons behind the trouble with Russia -- which includes what has become one of the Clinton campaign's main planks, the demonizing of Vladmir Putin, but also the US backed coup in Ukraine, and surrounding Russia with new NATO members and installing US troops and ballistic missile batteries in them.

You don't have to vote for Trump but if you vote for Clinton you may very well be voting for World War III.


  1. Seriously? You're suggesting, actually no, you're writing, that voting for Clinton would be a start to a world war, and that a vote for Trump might be better?? C'mon, man. You're really not saying that, right?? I mean, I'm not trying to be Kissinger realpolitik here, but do please tell me you don't mean that.

    I just don't think we have to reach rock bottom, people in detention camps because of race or religion, etc, to achieve change, get better. We don't need a Trump administration to tell us that.

    It's just not a reality that revolution is going to happen overnight, it ain't 1848, and this isn't Europe. Whatever change we're going to have is going to be gradual, look at the demographics of the country, and what is being said by the white population in power. They are being eased into the dustbin, and they don't like it. But there isn't going to be a revolution over it.

  2. Damn close to an outright endorsement for Trump. Might as well tell us what you really think.

  3. Mike, you sound like Rip van Winkle just woke up from a long nap. Get up to speed on the the Middle East, on China's entry into that war, on what Hillary Clinton has said she will do over there and on what she did as secretary of state to initiate the war that rages over there now. While you're at it check into her status in the Neocon world. You sound very naive.

    It's not 1848 you say? And in 1848 it wasn't 1776, and in 1776 it wasn't 2016. What's your point? Of course there will be a revolution. Always have been revolutions, always will be. It's a manifestation of human nature, which last time I checked hasn't changed.

    Most people are like you of course, in awe of the power structure, just like your superiors want you to be, until the moment it crumbles, for reasons you can't imagine until they occur. But they've got bigger guns, you're thinking. And they can't keep any of their computers systems secure. Not one.

    New Mexican, I do hope Trump wins, because he can do much less damage than Hillary Clinton can, and will do, and is on record as promising to do, but I won't endorse him.

    Trump can do very little. If by chance he wins he'll have the entire congress, the entire Capitalist system and the entire mainstream media against him. His only hope would be to ally with Republicans or Democrats. His meetings with Paul Ryan and subsequent adoption of some of Ryan's policies were an admission of that.

    We tend to look at a presidential election only in terms of domestic policy, and in terms of how it affects us personally, our material well being and psychically. And not think of the thousands upon thousands of dark skinned people, the Arabs and Muslims who will find themselves in the way of America's out of control Capitalism driven foreign policy juggernaut. I don't judge Americans people for not valuing those peoples' lives. The reasons for that are identifiable and understandable. But I consciously pay attention to them and I value them, more than I value the US economy or the standing of the US in the eyes of the world, more than I value the sensibilities of the people who are offended by Donald Trump.

    On that, to be realistic and be fair, the things he's said have been greatly exaggerated, and the reason for that is that he had the effrontery to win a major party nomination without going through the proper channels, without getting permission from the people who are important. To be realistic and fair, he said the things he said in order to win the Republican nomination, and not having an act two, he's been repeating some of them as he flails about looking for a way to affect the polls.

    For decades politicians have said the exact same things in more coded language and have said them with impunity. Ronald Reagan kicked off his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, which is known only for one thing, three civil rights workers were murdered there and buried in an earthen damn, and Ronald Reagan was saying to the world, "I really respect nigger killers". But Ronald Reagan had been vetted and accepted and approved by the people who matter. Why isn't your indignation trained on them? Why not on the massive killing machine called the US military? Which Donald Trump wants to bring home, and which Hillary Clinton can't wait to be in charge of.

    1. Well, I am well over 70, and yes, I do nap a bit. Sufficiently admonished, I'll just dodder back to my more familiar haunts.