Sunday, August 7, 2016

How To Quickly Fill The Panamanian Bank Accounts Of People Who Are Already Rich

The first thing to do is keep electing people who not only let corporations off the hook for paying taxes but who actually pay corporations to exist with things called tax rebates. It helps to have a complete disregard for educating children, having roads you can drive on and bridges you can drive over and having a good economy, because when you give all the money to corporations and it goes straight into the stockholders' Panamanian bank accounts and just sits there making them feel rich the money can't be spent by average citizens to buy washers and dryers and cars or to fix their houses up with.

That's the main thrust of Joe Cardillo's article in Albuquerque Business First, which lists all the different ways a city in Utah is giving money to Facebook, which made $6.4 billion in the last quarter alone, because it might go there to amass its profits, and then lists the things New Mexicans could do for Facebook if it would only consider coming here to amass its profits.

The idea that's taken hold of everyone who holds public office or thinks about running for public office that they all have to compete with each other to give more and more money to people who already have too much of it, an idea that has infected the minds of news people and a large share of the people who vote, is a sickness that has to be eradicated before it kills us all.

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  1. You got me with this one. I pay my taxes, try not complain and then the 1% pays little or nothing with all their dodges and scams. Ugh!