Sunday, August 21, 2016

Neoliberalism In Crises - Martin Jacques

Martin Jacques of the London School of Economics writing in The Guardian today says that the Trump and Sanders campaigns and UK "Brexit" vote to leave the European all owe to the now unquestionable failure of Neoliberalism, but that the political class, left, right and center, knows nothing else. Which isn't good news.

Jacques, no radical leftist, goes over the sad litany of statistics about stagnant wages and declining living standards I've been repeating here for years but which have been largely ignored by the mainstream media, and so haven't been absorbed on a conscious level by the public, although their dissatisfaction is being felt and being registered by their disdain for politicians and for Capitalists who for years have been seen as role models.

Even if Hillary Clinton and her campaign, and the entire media and ruling class establishment working in concert manage to demonize Donald Trump into oblivion, that dissatisfaction won't go away. In fact, I'd say, it will become more apparent and get even worse because Clinton has wasted little effort coming up with any ideas for what to do about it and remains wedded to failed Neoliberal policies.

As have our elected officials here in New Mexico, I might add. I received a bizarre fundraising solicitation today from Ben Lujan, the northern NM representative to the US house, in which he actually, for the first time I know of, lays out how terrible things are for young people, who are seeing their opportunities for college wither away as the costs for college continue to skyrocket. His solution -- give them lower interest loans. These Democrats in our federal delegation -- Lujan, Michelle Grisham, Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall, pretend that they don't know that a few short years ago there was enough government assistance that every kid who wanted to could attend college and get out debt free. Thanks for the miserable futures your giving today's kids, folks.

All they do any more is to hype up fear over Donald Trump. And unfortunately, the most important part of Trump's platform, a foreign policy that looks dovish compared to the warmongering Clinton's -- a fact that doesn't interest the media or New Mexico politicians -- will go away with him and trainloads of innocent blood will flow through the streets of the Middle East, and very possibly other places -- Ukraine, Crimea, Iran, to name a few.

As The Intercept notes, defense contractors are salivating over a Clinton presidency.

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