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The term pipelineastan is used by a certain segment of the blogosphere and certain journalists to refer a certain part of the world that's crisscrossed by pipelines that supply western Europe with natural gas, much of it coming from Russia.

That part of the world also happens to be where the countries lie that the US is involved in militarily: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and the Syrian launchpad war, or Hillary's war, Libya. Ukraine and Crimea are also there.

So are places like Uzbekistan, where the brutal dictatorial regime boils people to death. The US is friendly with that regime and others where western pipeline companies are putting in or have planned pipelines that would bypass the pipelines Russia and its allies control, undercut Russia economically and make it unnecessary for Europe to depend on Russia for natural gas as it does now.

The idea is that the wars in that part of the world aren't about freedom or Islam or anything else but are about US hegemony -- i.e., the US, if not ruling the world being its most powerful player -- and are therefore based in economics.

The same theory explains the ongoing encirclement of Russia with new NATO countries that were formerly soviet Republics and the subsequent placement of US missile batteries in them, and now stationing even troops and tanks and other heavy weaponry in them, that extend NATO to Russia's borders. It explains the demonization of Russian president Vladmir Putin by Hillary Clinton, the Neocons, and much of the US media and foreign policy establishment, and the US provocations against Russia and the US backed coup in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions against Russia.

China, as has been reported here and there, recently entered into the war the US is waging on Syria on the side of Russia and Syria (and of Iran and for all practical purposes Turkey.) The US under Obama has been engaged in a similar encirclement of provocations against china. The South China Sea situation, where the US is trying to make it impossible for China to defends its land and the sea routes it depends on for oil, The TPP trade treaty between China's neighbors and the US, and the US dominated ASEAN mutual cooperation group of Asian nations that excludes China, all are elements of Obama's so-called "pivot to Asia", which is a refocusing of US foreign policy designed to thwart the rise of China as a global economic power that threatens US dominance, or hegemony.

As a result of US policy against Russia and China they are moving increasingly closer together and cooperating on things like pipelines that will allow Russia to send its natural gas to China. Awhile back I posted about something called the New Silk Route, whereby China is building a vast high speed rail transportation system that will transverse the Eurasian land mass and bypass US controlled sea routes and enable it to send its products to Europe and the Middle East without US interference. Russia is cooperating with them on that project, and now those two nuclear armed powers are cooperating militarily in a direct face-off against the US in Syria.

There's no talk about talking to Russia and China, or of the US minding its own business and bringing its global military forces home, coming from Hillary Clinton, only talk of more war.

Note: As globetrotting independent reporter Pepe Escobar put it in the 2009 article that established the concept of "pipelinestan" and which is still as salient as it was then:
"Our good ol' friend the nonsensical "Global War on Terror," which the Pentagon has slyly rebranded "the Long War," sports a far more important, if half-hidden, twin -- a global energy war. "

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  1. Nicely, nicely.

    I'd only [very moderately] criticize portions of the class analysis wasted on personalizing events, policies as Hillary's. She may be at the point of publicity for crap like the Libya intervention; but, she represents the tradition of most of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party vis-a-vis foreign policy.

    Don't give her more credit than she deserves.