Thursday, August 4, 2016


Salon magazine reprinted a blog post by Democratic Party insider and former labor secretary Robert Reich in which he writes about the Democratic National Committee, which leaked emails revealed was tipping the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton and undermining Bernie Sanders during the recent primaries. The bigger problem is, he writes:

The Democratic National Committee — like the Republican National Committee — has become little more than a giant machine designed to suck up big money from wealthy individuals, lobbyists bundlers, and corporate and Wall Street PACs.

As long as this is its de facto mission, the DNC won’t ever be kindly disposed to a campaign financed by small donations — Bernie Sanders’s, or any others. Nor will it support campaign finance reform. Nor will it be an institutional voice for average working people and the poor. It won’t want to eliminate superdelegates or support open primaries because these reforms would make Democratic candidates vulnerable to non-corporate interests.

Making "Democratic candidates vulnerable to non corporate interests." That would be us. It's just a fancy way of saying the Democrats have sold us out for corporate cash.

Is this why New Mexico Democrats Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich, Ben Lujan and Michelle Grisham  never talk about the vastly widening inequalities of income and wealth they've overseen? Is it why they never introduce and never co-sponsor legislation that would economically benefit working New Mexicans? Is this why they vote for budget after budget that slashes funds for people most in need yet sends money by the trainload to military contractors?

Of course it is. The only question is, why do we vote for them and why do we send them money when all they do is screw us over?


  1. Not me, sha, I smartened up about the DCCC long time ago.

    1. Thank you. I wish more people were as well informed.