Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The United States is a ‘Nonstop War Chariot’

Such is the delightful headline over a column at as translated by Watching America, where volunteers translate the world press when it's talking about the USA. I have a link to Watching America at the right.

Huanqiu is a type of business daily, one of those government-private enterprise partnerships the Chinese Communist Party has let happen or facilitated, I'm not sure just how they work -- many are in manufacturing, especially high tech --  along the Chinese road to becoming a Capitalist powerhouse.

The column was written by Guang-shi Yang, a Chinese academic. You often see such articles in the Chinese press, where some provincial professor lays out his own unique analysis of things. They are always informed by Marxism to a greater or lesser degree, as is much of world academia for that matter, and won't be something Chinese officialdom will strongly disapprove of, but include the author's own pet theories and are sometimes pretty interesting.

(Note: Watching America usually puts its own graphics next to its translated articles. This one wasn't in the original.)

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