Wednesday, August 24, 2016

War In Syria Escalates By The Day

Turkey yesterday sent its first ground troops into Syria, acquiescing to American demands. This comes on the heels of China's entry into that US/Hillary Clinton instigated conflict. China joins Russia and Iran on the Syrian side as Syria tries to fend off the illegal, blatant, interventionist US efforts to remove Syria's legitimate ruler, Bashar al Assad, from power. The country is swarming with CIA and US military "advisers, and US organized, funded and supplied jihadist militias. (Note: The "moderate" Islamists the US pretends it supplies don't exist. There are no moderate Islamists.)

Go ahead. Vote for Clinton. Pull that trigger.

Note: Nick Barnabe has a nice rundown in Anti-Media of what Hillary, based on her statements, is likely to do upon taking office.

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