Saturday, August 13, 2016

William In Chief

As Donald Trump self destructs no one is asking whether he's doing it intentionally, but I recall that at one point during the primaries, when it began to appear Trump had a chance to be the Republican nominee, a theory bubbled around for a day or two that the moderately successful businessman, but very successful self promoter, had entered the primaries just to get some free publicity; that he had had no actual interest in being president and was probably surprised by the level of his popularity with Republican primary voters.

I also heard mention once, maybe twice, the idea that he and the Clintons were in on it together. If you accept that premise the reasons are obvious. To weaken the Republican Party and help Hillary.

Bill Clinton, remember, is the master strategist of all master strategists, the triangulator in chief. He was behind the remaking of the Democratic Party from a working class to a ruling class party, and he did the almost unheard of -- he unseated a popular president after one term, because of his old friend Ross Perot's independent candidacy, and with much less than a majority of the popular vote, and won re-election the same way. There were suggestions at the time of collusion between Clinton and Perot but they faded away.

In office he gave the Republican Party repeated cases of the fits. They took control of congress, even the house, which had been in Democratic hands for decades, but could get none of their agenda past Clinton -- anyone remember Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America?" -- while Clinton repeatedly outmaneuvered them and took credit when he got their polices -- things like business friendly trade deals, welfare reform and opening the media to monopoly and foreign ownership -- enacted. Republicans became so frustrated they came to believe that they must impeach him.

Which he survived, of course, and now hardly anyone remembers that whole episode, and William J Clinton has gone from being the butt of a thousand jokes and nearly broke when he left office to being an extremely wealthy .1 percenter, and respected world figure no less, whose wife and lifelong partner in crime is about to become the next president, providing him with a role he can define and play any way he wants to; again having access to power, but shielded from the public eye and emerging from the shadow of his wife on terms he alone will define. One can only imagine what he has in mind for that role, but you can be sure it's something. And as for how much he has to do with Donald Trump, the current elections and the turmoil in the Republican Party, only he and Hillary will know, and some of those who tried to destroy him will guess.

Update: Actually, the release of Hillary's tax records this weeks shows the Clintons to be in the top .02 percent income bracket, raking in 300 times the median family income, most of it coming from their $200K per pop mini speeches. They did give a lot of it to charity, however; mostly to the Clinton Foundation, the money laundering scheme that included rich foreigners making multi million dollar donations and then receiving favorable treatment from the US State Department, which was being run by Hillary at the time.

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